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Dirty Churches
A Guest in the Cavern
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1Time Was Once   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
2More Were Beautiful   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
3She He  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
4Conversation Stares   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
5Exhausted By the Magick  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
6The Place of Making   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
7Like Bubbles Descending   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
8Never Is   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]

The latest Dirty Churches’ album, A Guest In The Cavern tells the story of a heroine finding a solitude that harmonizes with love. Told through hypnotizing music and spoken voice, the fanciful tale ends where it began. On a fictional plateau, the ordinary life of a nameless couple is subjected to mysticism and the elements. The atmospheric landscape is a hybrid of minimal melodic compositions with experimental electronic dissonance. In this musical fable of cyclical construction we find the shadow of time eclipsing human desire.

This album was recorded by Jesse Gelaznik in the basement of a Brownstone in Brooklyn over a coarse of 5 months in the spring of 2013. The compositions were the sound component of the multi-media installation A Guest in the Cavern. Natalee’s text was spoken by Alfra Martini and then recorded and manipulated by Justin Miller. The spoken text was set to musical compositions by Jesse Gelaznik and performed by Dirty Churches.

Dirty Churches members are:

  • Jesse Gelaznik - synthesizer/guitar
  • Rachel Blackwell - pyramid performer / video projections
  • Natalee Cayton – written text
  • Alfra Martini - vocals
  • Justin Miller – vocal samples / synthesizer
  • Daniel Garcia - percussion/electronics / synth
  • Robert Boston - keyboards / electronics
  • Elizabeth Pulos - viola Eric Elterman - viola
  • Donnie Undeen - bass clarinet
  • Anna Callner - cello