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1Lovisa Inserra - Dronea    
2Stafeev Vitaliy Vladimirovich - Intensity Bed    
3Eric Olson - Ten    
4Erik Van Horn - Brainwave    
5Erik Van Horn - Disto 2.0     
6Shanna Mueller - Eight     
7Curt Seiss - Trees     
8Stephanie Elaine Robbins - What I Really Like is Music     
9Erik Van Horn - Song Heard in Dream     
10Seth Garrison - Body Tone (sensor based sampling performance)     
11Michael C. Mendez - Dipsomania     
12David Wanger - Stressed about Ghosts     
13Jenny Starks - Five     
14Lars Wigren - For Without Whom Not    
15Daniel Morgan - Seven    
16David Wanger - Zerzassenqueez     
17Jamie Lawyer - Two    
18Don Diego Ramirez - Somnolence    
19Cassie Cohn - Short Form Passage     

Multiphasic is a collaboration between Polyphasic and 16 different film makers and video artists from all over America, Sweden, and Russia. The boys sent their music out to all their filmmaker friends, and this surround sound DVD is the result.

Information about the filmmakers can be found at Produced by Lars Wigren & Lincoln Miller. Photograms by Michael C. Mendez. Sleeve & menu design by L Wigren. Countdown by David Wanger.

Special thanks to: David Wanger, Mike Mendez, Stephanie Robbins, Shepherd University Art Department, Kate Farrell, Carissa Guyot, Lindsay Ives, Kevin Rudisill, Lindsay Kumpf, Erik Van Horn, Don Ramirez, Sarah Dolecki, Nils Wigren, Marc Rutherford, Dylan Kinnett, the Patterson Arts Center in Baltimore and Hunt Audio Video of Hagerstown, MD.

Dedicated to Neil Chamberlain.

Multiphasic - DVD release trailer from magnanimous records on Vimeo.