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Michael Winter
Recursive Stall
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1Day of Hoisted Suns  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
2Public Sobriquet  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
36EQUJ5  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
4Recursive Stall  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
5Flaf  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
6TV Warren One  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
7Eloise  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]

The second full-length album by New Orleans-based sound artist Michael Winter. These tracks continue the work started on his previous effort, Klee. Sprawling over many genres of electronic music including ambient, industrial, field-recordings, and minimalism, these seven compositions evolve his sound through the use of droning repetition and layered aural textures.

"The name Micheal Winter seems new to me. On the same label that released 'Recursive Stall' there is also a previous release called 'Klee'. Winter is from New Orleans. The cover may suggest something along the lines of microsound: lots of white, and a vague image of a computer keyboard or two. The music however is not really microsound, although its partly rooted in there. Micheal Winter plays computer music - that is something that is clear. The outcome is quite interesting. Its a fine mixture noise based industrial music and ambient, heavily processed sounds from sources no longer known to mankind. It begins with 'Day Of Hoisted Suns' in a full on noise mode, but as the disc progresses, there is a lively variation to be spotted. I think field recordings are at the core of the music, but with all those computer plug ins running amok, its hard to sure. He creates either large chunks of sound along with short rhythmic loops and combines these into some densely layered music. An intelligent work I'd say. Taking the best elements from either that noise scene or the ambient land, Winter cooks up something that is perhaps not the most original thing in the world, but its surely a damn release. Produced with some great skill, someone who knows what he's doing, and the result is a great dynamic work." (FdW) -vital weekly